Patriot Mask - Made in the USA

American Made Cup-Shaped Mask - NIOSH Certified

ALG Health's Patriot Mask

>95% Filtration efficiency of solid and liquid aerosols free of oil.
Latex-Free Materials used in both straps and respirator body
Two Headband Straps with soft woven design to provide a very secure seal.
Adjustable Metal Nosepiece and cushion for a comfortable tight seal.
Ultrasonic Welding Technology designed for face masks for long-term wear.
High-Efficiency Electrostatic Filter material built from melt-blown non-woven fabric.
Easy Breathing Resistance stops harmful particles while clean air flows through.
Glue-Free and Odorless face masks that can be used all day.
NIOSH Approved masks that meets all CDC and FDA guidelines.


360 Degree Protection

Using an outer layer of non-woven stretch fabric 3D Comfort masks are designed to softly hug every contours of your face.

Expect a smooth snug fit that protects yourself and everyone you meet.

How Will It Look?

Since masks are most effective when worn in public, you deserve a product that is both protective and has a clean look. We're committed to providing perfect solutions until the pandemic is over. All SureWay masks are worn by thousands of Americans everyday.

How Will It Fit?

3D Comfort is a filtration mask made with stretchable fabric. While it does not provide an air tight seal the 3D comfort mask hugs all sides of your face. Please scroll through these photos to understand how the mask will fit.

You Order, We Donate

For every mask pack you buy we donate a mask to local healthcare workers, food pantries, and other essential workers on the front lines.

Your support helps fight Covid-19 in more ways than one.


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